Doodhpatri: A hidden gem of Kashmir

Do you ever wonder how would it feel like to be surrounded with emerald green meadows stretched infinitely? Or do you imagine dipping your feet in a freezing cold crystal-clear flowing water and listening to birds chirping while you breath in some fresh air? Then Doodhpathri is the place for you. A valley less travelled or you should say a hidden gem of Kashmir, this off beat hill station is around 45km away from Srinagar. It is a bowl shaped valley located in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir which has recently entered into the tourism charts.

Valley of Doodhpatri

Doodhpathri means “Valley of Milk”, and there are several stories to the origin of its name. The most famous is that a Saint was once looking for water in order to pray. He pricked the ground with his stick, only to have milk oozing out of the ground. Since then, this valley has been known as Doodhpathri.

The only way to reach Doodhpathri is to hire a cab and drive for 2-3 hours. The road to Doodhpathri is absolutely scenic but also a little steep. You will pass through dense pine forests that give a lush green view surrounded by some snow capped spectacular mountain peaks and also some rice fertile rice fields. Thats not just it. Doodhpathri has meadows stretching to acres of land where you’ll see cattle and horses grazing.

A farmer enjoying his sheesha in the rice fields

On your way, make sure you stop by to see the entire valley from this particular view point. Hold your breath and climb up to witness a dense green valley encircled by some high mountain peaks, with water streams flowing from between. You will not be able to take your eyes off the view of Doodhpathri’s hidden and exquisite beauty, its pine surrounded basins and the majestic peaks in the background.

Water stream passing through the valley

Drive around the entire valley to relax and to view some picturesque locations. The lush green grasses over the vast meadows and silver shining streams running over the large stones flowing in the middle of the valley, further increase its beauty. The water from the stream has a milky appearance from a distance and remains very cold throughout.

View of dense pine forests at Doodhpatri

Doodhpathri is sloping grassy landscapes with a diversity of multicolored flowers. There are no big tourist attractions or adventure sports happening here. It is just natural beauty at its best with tranquil enough to soothe your soul. Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes because the weather here remains cold all the time. This valley is not open for visit during winters due to extreme weather conditions.

Make sure you pack some food beforehand because you won’t find any hotels or restaurants in the valley since it is recently been opened for the tourists. However, you won’t regret visiting Doodhpathri for its surreal beauty and some hot Kashmiri tea!

Makki di roti and Kashmiri tea at Doodhpatri

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