August Cafe: Food Review

The only secret to good food is something that hits every sense of yours while you take a bite. Yes. That is the kind of food that August Cafe has been serving. A small, quaint, cozy, monochromatic cafe in Versova will definitely please your taste buds and convince you to keep visiting it over and over again.

Interiors of August cafe


With soft classical music playing in the background and cute marble tables waiting for you, you can’t help but enter into this cafe and give it a try. I had come here with some high expectations considering its good reviews plus a 10/10 ambience.

Lets straight get to the food. I had gone with family so I will be able to give a good perspective on the menu. We had ordered some corn cheese balls, a herbed chicken waffle and a grilled chicken burger along with a crunchy hazelnut cake and a sea salt truffle cake with a strawberry basil drink and a mixed berry smoothie.

The corn cheese balls were the star of the night for me. The combo of corns with cheese was definitely a hit. Just pop one cheese ball in your mouth, and feel the cheese melting. It was very appetising and delish.

Delicious corn cheese balls

I had never tried a savoury waffle so i was pretty hesitant to order one. However, I thought to give it a shot and I’m glad, the herbed chicken waffle did not disappoint me. The herbed chicken simmered in the creamy sauce with cheese shavings on the top and served hot was extremely finger licking. I loved the flavour of herbs combined with cheese. It is a definitely worth more than just a try.

Savoury waffle

I cannot say no to burgers and if you are someone like me, you should try the grilled chicken burger in this cafe. The sourdough bun with grilled chicken and cheese was a showstopper. The tender chicken patty with a soft bun would satisfy your love for burgers!

Grilled chicken burger

We had ordered two cakes; a crunchy hazelnut cake and a sea salt truffle cake. The hazelnut cake was very rich and moist with a perfect vanilla consistency but the award here for the best cake definitely goes to the Sea Salt truffle cake. I absolutely loved the crust, the layers, the balance of sweetness and the classic chocolate flavour. It was totally worth the calories!

Crunchy hazelnut cake

The drinks we ordered were a strawberry smoothie and a basil drink. I am not a fan of a basil drink so I didn’t really enjoy this one much plus it was a little bitter in taste but the smoothie as always was very creamy and refreshing. We also ordered a cappuccino and a latte. Both the drinks were fairly good enough, however latte tasted better to me.

Strawberry basil drink
Creamy Cappuccino

I have to mention that I absolutely loved the idea of serving in marble cutlery because it makes the food look very well presented. Also, the service was very quick and efficient.

Amidst the residential buildings with an indoor outdoor seating, this quaint cozy cafe deserves one visit for sure and trust me, you won’t leave disappointed!

Location: Andheri Lokhandwala

Ratings: 4.5/5

Average cost: 1000-1200 for two


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