Genuine Broaster Chicken: Food Review

Genuine Broaster chicken is one of the popular food joints of the USA and they have expanded themselves to India in 2016. I had heard quite a few reviews about this place so it was definitely on my list.

Genuine Broaster chicken branch located in Versova

Located in Versova and also in Vashi, the diner is easily reachable. The ambiance definitely hit the right chords to be a crowdpuller. Brick walls with Bollywood posters pinned on them and flower pots hanging, with 90’s classic music playing in the background will seize your heart just the moment you walk in.

Unique interiors at Genuine Broaster Chicken


The menu at Genuine Broaster is quite a varied one. It is diverse, offering American food with some desi tadka! We had ordered a happy fried chicken which comes with 6 pieces of chicken. They served fried chicken as incredibly crunchy, with a crisp, craggy crust, juicy meat, and a “cosmic oneness” between the breading and the skin. It was absolutely delicious.

Crunchy fried chicken and Mouthwatering Non-Veg Jumbo platter

The next dish served on our table was the Jumbo platter. If you love eating non veg as much as I do, you will not be able to stop yourself from licking the plates. The platter included Lucknowi Seekh, Chicken tikka and melting chicken pillows. The seekh was soft and the tikkas definitely comforted my spicy taste buds. The platter was the star of the night for me!

How can I finish a main course without digging into some steak? I had ordered an Authentic American style grilled chicken with smoked bbq and mushroom sauce. The steak was tender and juicy and the sauce went so well with the grilled chicken. All the sidelines served with the steak made it a perfect meal for one person.

American style Grilled Chicken with smoked bbq and mushroom sauce

Nachos go straight to heart and the nachos served here were a disappointment. The presentation was a 10/10 but as I took one nacho, all my expectations came crawly down. The nachos were served with the salsa and bean sauce but it tasted like bbq sauce which absolutely killed the dish for me.

Eye Catching Nachos

The drinks we ordered included a coconut fudge which was a creamy delicious coconut milkshake. Then a chulbul soda which had quite strange ingredients blend together but they all tasted well together. I can imagine having this drink on a regular hot day of Mumbai and I am sure it will soothe me to the cores. The third and the last drink for the night was a watermelon refresher. The drink tasted like anything but watermelon. It was refreshing but I was kind of disappointed.

Creamy coconut fudge and Chulbul soda

I will definitely recommend this quaint diner for its trendy ambience, finger licking chicken and refreshing soda! Try out this place and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Location: Versova, Andheri

Ratings: 3.5/5

Average cost: 800-1000 for two


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