Top 6 Places to visit in Kashmir

Places you just can’t leave out on your trip to Kashmir.

1) Dal lake:

Whether you have been to Kashmir or you haven’t, you have must have definitely heard of Dal Lake. This lake is known as the jewel of Srinagar and when you’ll visit it youll know exactly why is it called so. Each season gives this lake a different look and every season view is extremely picturesque. Having said that, the best time to visit this lake is during the warmer months that is from July to November. The lake is found frozen during the winter months and restricts you from enjoying a shikara ride around the lake. While in Srinagar, visiting dal lake is a must to witness the breath-taking colours of the lake during the golden hours.

Dal Lake
Picturesque Dal lake during a Shikara ride


2) Nishat Gardens:

If you are a fan of strolling in a garden or breathing in some fresh air with a spectacular view, then trust me, this is the place for you! This garden offers splendid beauty and breathtaking panorama which you don’t want to miss. Nishat bagh is actually 12 terraced garden and every terrace represents a zodiac sign. Every terrace is filled with all the flowers you can possibly think off and each segment has a gushing fountain. So now you since you’re already imagining, let me tell you that this garden offers a magnificent view of dal lake as well as the snow capped peaks of Pir Panjal mountains. Oh and don’t forget to try some lip smacking momos while you’re there!

Nishat Bagh
Gushing Fountains surronded with blooming flowers at Nishat Bagh


3) Aparwat mountains- phase 2 gondola ride:

I am sure Gulmarg must have made it to your itinerary and also Gondola ride but did you add the phase 2 of gondola ride? The phase 2 brings the spectacular peaks of Himalayan range right in front of you therefore it is not something you should miss! Normally people take the ride to just the first phase but trust me, the view of phase 2 is so much different from the 1st that you cannot miss that! The phase 2 takes your breath away by its magnificent view of the snow capped peaks with barren land. Also from the phase 2, Pakistan administrated Kashmir is also visible. Keep your camera in your hands and you’d return with some mind blowing shots!

Mind Blowing views of snow peaked mountains at Aparwath, phase 2 


4) Baisaran/Mini Switzerland:

Don’t we all deep down dream of visiting Switzerland once in our life? Well, pack your bags and go visit this Mini Switzerland we have in our Kashmir and see what heaven looks like. Located in Pahalgam, Baisaran can only be reached by a two hour horse ride into the forest. Its a long and tiring journey but once you reach there you just wont feel like leaving it. The journey to Baisraan offers breathtaking views of dense pine forests and climbing mountains. Then as you reach to the green meadows, you will see how the meadows stretched to acres of land provides a contrasting hue to the snow capped mountain peaks. The photographer in you will be so satisfied once you visit this place so don’t miss it for the world!

Baisaran or rightly named as the Mini Switzerland of Kashmir 


5) Yusmarg:

If you want to stay somewhere where there is less crowd then take a bus to Yusmarg. It is not a very popular tourist sight due to its extreme weather conditions but from April to November, this place is nothing but heaven. You will meet the most hospitable people there who will worry about your comfort more than you. Yusmarg will mesmerise you with its sparkling reservoirs, scenic meadows and spectacular views. Oh and don’t you ever imagine how would it feel like to sit under the sky full of thousands of stars? You do, right? Then you can’t miss Yusmarg! You just can’t!

View of Yusmarg from a hill during sunset


6) Doodhpatri:

This is a valley less traveled and has recently entered the tourism charts but trust me its like a hidden gem of Kashmir. It is just natural beauty at its best with tranquil enough to soothe your soul. Doodhpathri is a dense green valley encircled by some high mountain peaks, with water streams flowing from between. The weather here is cold all the time so don’t forget to pack some warm clothes and also some food. You will not regret visiting Doodhpathri for its peace and beauty so do add this small valley in your itinerary!

River Stream passing through the valley of Doodhpatri

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  1. I love Kashmir. Do I need a special permit as a tourist coking from Delhi?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Qusai Kasim says:

      As far as I recall all foreigners need to obtain a permit before entering Jammu and Kashmir. Please do confirm with the tourism department and then book your tickets


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