UDAIPUR : The City of Lakes

Rajasthan one of the biggest states in India is known for its history, culture and beauty. In the south of Rajasthan lies one of the most beautiful cities of India, not just Rajasthan, Udaipur. Udaipur is known as the city of lakes because of its sophisticated lake system. It has seven lakes surrounding the city….

Genuine Broaster Chicken: Food Review

Genuine Broaster chicken is one of the popular food joints of the USA and they have expanded themselves to India in 2016. The menu at is quite a varied one. It is diverse, offering American food with some desi tadka!

One Day in Pune |What to do and Where to go|

Like people even today are not sure if its Bombay or Mumbai, the same dilemma is there between Pune and Poona. I like to call it Pune though. I am lucky to have a friend living in this city with such a profound history and rich culture so I thought to take this as an…

August Cafe: Food Review

The only secret to good food is something that hits every sense of yours while you take a bite. Yes. That is the kind of food that August Cafe has been serving. A small, quaint, cozy, monochromatic cafe in Versova will definitely please your taste buds and convince you to keep visiting it over and…

Coffee Culture – Food Review

Coffee culture is a very spacious, retro and an attractive cafe located in Hill Road, Bandra west. It is decorated with really cool frames and posters, and the furniture gives a very funky look to the entire place. After so much buzz about this cafe, I wanted to visit it and give it a try….

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake

One of the finest cafes in the Mumbai region offering a wide range of breakfast options as well as some savoury dishes.